*Please call for availability

*All Prices are subject to change

** Limited space  for outside storage

Gradient Ocean
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Located at 371 Route 47 South, Green Creek, NJ 08210 (mile marker 7.2)


  • Convenient 24-hour access

  • Rates starting at $69.95 + tax & one time admin. fee)

  • Please note ~All vehicles or trailers must be:                                                                        ~insured;

       ~registered with valid plates

       ~ have a visible VIN #

      ~ be operable with proper tires



   ** Limited space for outside storage

Gradient Ocean


  • Boats  & Trailers up to 18" long = $69.95 (+tax)

  • Boats & Trailers 19' to 25' long = $79.95 (+tax)

  • Boats & Trailers 26' long and up = $89.95 (+tax)

Please note all new tenants are required to pay a $20 admin fee.


*Specials do not apply to outside storage. All vehicles must be registered, insured, with valid license plates and be operable. All boats must be on a working boat trailer with proper tires and valid tags.

** Limited space for outside storage

Gradient Ocean


  • Winter golf cart storage available from October 15th to April 15th for ---PRICE COMING SOON FOR 2021/2022--- (+tx) 

    • Free pick-up & delivery from your site (CART MUST BE OPERABLE)

    • When returned in the spring, it will be washed and your batteries fully charged*

    • Additional months  before October or after April $55 (+tx) per month

    • ALL RESERVATIONS MUST BE MADE BEFORE 10/31.THERE WILL BE AN ADDITIONAL                                                                           CHARGE OF $50+TX FOR "LATE PICK UP FEE"

*Please note: We must have your charger to charge your battery, all batteries must be in good working order to be fully charged. * Seasonal Rates may change, call for pricing.

** All prices are subject to change

*Please call for availability